Golden Dildeaux Awards

The Golden Gate Guards hold their annual event called the Golden Dildeaux Awards to raise money for the AIDS Emergency Fund. Nominations are requested for various catagories and then the voting takes place and is available on line. Each vote now requires a donation of $1 to cast the vote. There is no limit as to how many votes per voter or per catagory.

This year I was nominated for two catagories: “Junk in the Trunk” aka the ass that just won’t quit and “The Red Tail” aka gets spanked and shanked.

Nominees were announced on stage and the winners took home their very own “golden dildeaux” fashioned by the same artist of many years past. Lots of fun voting before the evening’s announcement as well as that night at the Powerhouse Bar, SF. The stage was set center near the office door versus to the side as I’ve seen it forever. New stage position allowed for participants to gather around three sides of the stage versus two so I think it was a good change.

Golden Dildeaux recipients for 2012 are posted on

So the winner is…… boy tyler for “Junk in the Trunk”!! If there’s a pic it’s because I figured out how to include it in this post. If not, I’m working on it and will make it happen in the future.

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