Northwest Leather Celebration – 5th Anniversary

Northwest Leather Celebration is the regional contest weekend for Northwest Master and Northwest slavew. 3 couples competed this year and I served as Judges’ boy along side of girl angel, Judges’ girl. Two couples had Dominant male and submissive female and one couple was gay male.

Note that Master/slave couples are open in regards to gender and sexual orientation as well as monogomy, that is a poly type arrangement could include multiple Masters and/or slaves with one or more Masters and/or slaves. I don’t claim to understand it all but am still learning. Traditional restrictions regarding relationships is exactly that…. restricting for some so other arrangements are negociated and played out on a case by case basis.

I was particularly interested in the gay couple because I know them both. Master Morris Taylor was the first male Dom who topped me in a BDSM scene in 2001. I’ve been involved in the Leather title circuit for manh ears and was pleased to see Master Morris step up to the plate to represent. He is a concert pianist and will engage in play only if it is “FUN”. Note that he is over 80 years old so knows a thing or two about gay men, Leather and BDSM from a time significantly before I even existed!

One note of contrast for the Master/slave contests is that in lieu of a Fantasy, the couples make an abbreviated Educational Presentation. The purpose/function of the titleholders is to educate within the M/s, D/s, Leather and mainstream population. I am completely on board with the philosophy of the NWLC Producers in that the titleholders must be good teachers. If no couple meets minmal standards to fulfill a title year with productive education then the region will go a year without current title holders. This essentially means that even if only one couple competes it is NOT an automatic “win”.

One demographic note: mostly pan sexual only some gay present. All genders and orientations are welcome and encouraged to attend.



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