International Mr./Ms. Olympus Leather 2012

This year’s International Mr. and Ms. Olympus Leather 2012 contest was held in Los Angeles at LAX Studios during the Dom Con LA conference weekend. Contestants included 5 women and 4 men. All were very personable individuals whom I had the chance to chat with a bit before the official contest began. The Canadian pair were actually husband and wife!

I managed to reach the host hotel for Dom Con LA to find Alex Wosniski, Candadian Producer and friend I met back in my early days of ABW (as of 2003). A big THANK YOU to Cowboi Jen for my contest ticket 🙂 Much drama in purchasing my ticket prior to contest date included both contest producers and current title holder Master Tallen. Despite website and PayPal difficulties I managed to travel same day to the contest attend the event and fly back that evening.

I was particularly impressed with all the contestants and wish them well in their regional title year as well as the additional duties for the International titleholders in their extended title year. I will share my experience and hope for a better contest event in 2013.

The contest itself was plagued with medical pauses. Mistress Cyan stepped where no steps existed walking from stage level directly to floor level. Dave Rhodes managed to flatten a folding chair. Dr. Larry was in the house as Head Judge and “Doctor on site” by default. Nothing critical enough to call 911, thank goodness.

I had some wonderful conversations with contestants and participants at the event. By far those on stage out numbered those in the audience. I was sad for fact that this was an “International” contest event for which locals were not seen and regional support was slim at best.

I wish all well in their title years either regionally and/or internationally until the contest in 2013!!

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