“So You Want to be a Titleholder!?”

Alameda County Leather Corp Education Series presents: “So You Want to be a Titleholder!?”  The evening included Gary Kenyon, Mr. SF Eagle 2009, Vic Germany, SF Dyke Daddy 2002, Daniel Basse and pink, Northwest Master/slave 2011, Joan Norry, American Leatherwoman 2008, boy tyler Fong, American Leatherboy 2011, and Lamalani Severt, International Ms Leather 2009. Contestant applications included the titles represented plus San Francisco Leather Daddy’s boy, California LeatherSir/boy, California Community Bootblack, International LeatherSir/boy and  International Community Bootblack. Contestant requirements, contest format and titleholder requirements vary according to contest level ie. bar, local, state, region, nation or international and contest formats differ according to contest ie. inclusion of a fantasy for LeatherSir/boy, ABW, IMsL versus presentation for Master/slave and technical boot for International Community Bootblack.

Accomodations and/or sacrifices have to be made during one’s title year. This could be financial, extra cirricular, personal/relationahip. All very important to consider before competing.

It never hurts to actually attend the event you think you may compete at and get to know the Producer(s), production staff, past and  present titleholders. Everyone and everyone’s year will be different but nothing beats actual experiences versus stories from friends who heard it from a friend who heard it from another friend. If possible, find out what the titleholder’s responsibilities are for the title year. This may be travel outside the USA, fund raising for a particular charity/organization, producing event(s), public speaking, education or attendance at meetings and other events.

There are so many titles out there that one or more may be a very good fit. Some are obviously not a good fit ie. a Master running for a slave title. It is true that titles are “work”, but most will say there were some very fun times to be had as well.

Bottom line, the more you know the more likely you will get the title. It may take several tries and maybe even several different titles. I ran for San Francisco Leather Daddy’s boy twice and didn’t even get 1st runner up. At International LeatherSir/boy I was middle of the road among the contestants. All the contests I competed in gave me experience and perspective as a contestant. Audience attendance at contests also gave me great perspective similar to the Judges. I took over 10 years to feel my way into and through the title circuits but I believe it made me a better contestant for the title of American Leatherboy.

This was a great workshop and will likely be presented again in the same or similar format across the US and beyond. If you really have the interest keep your eyes open for a workshop near you. Never hesitate to strike up a c0nversation with past and/or present titleholders. Even if you never intend on competing, talk to titleholders because they are a piece of history in the greater BDSM/ Kink/Fetish Community.

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