Heart of America Leatherman 2013

Kansas City, MO. February 8-10, 2013. Missie B’s was the place to be on Saturday Feb. 9 for workshops and lunch that afternoon and the main event…. the contest for Heart of America Leatherman and Leatherboy 2013.  Two men stepped up to the plate for HOA Leatherman. Both fairly new to the Community and willing to serve and represent the Community for a year as titleholder. Judges panel: Dibble, Head Judge, pup Luckey and Daddy Don, International Puppy and Trainer, Jeremy, Tony Mayes. The ever energenic and enertaining Karen Ultra, emcee.

I managed to fly in to Kansas City via United Airlines. Must remember that if seat D is a window seat…. it’s one of those very small puddle jumper type planes where there is virtually no overhead bin space and your bag will be taken at the gate, tucked away in back of the plane and returned at the gate upon landing. Just hope it’s not raining because you’re going to be walking on the tarmack 🙂 FYI I was at Denver Airport for this flight and almost ended up in Hayden instead of Kansas City. Never assume that your boarding pass will get you onto the correct plane, listen to the destination before the plane leaves the ground…

Got to the hotel and into bed around 2am, got up at 8am to check in on line for the flight out of Kansas City, back to sleep and up just in time to get my complimentary breakfast at the hotel. Taxi to Missie B’s. Could have walked but running later than planned so I got a car ride and a view of the city between the hotel and contest venue. Another first time in a new city. I’ll have to visit when I have more than one day to visit.

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