Mr. SF Leather 2013

The annual Mr. San Francisco Leather contest, now produced by Ray Tilton had a few changes from past contest years. Once, again a contestant could compete as an Independent if sponsored by a local organization or place of business AND no fantasy portion as a judged catagory. The changes were more in line with previous contest years and is structured like the International Mr. Leather contest to be held in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend. It was noted that all the Judges this year came on their own dime and were not financially compensated for travel or lodging expenses directly from the Mr. SF Leather contest budget or weekend income ie. silent auction or Beer/Bev Bust. Funds collected locally could be distributed in a greater quantity in the local Community. The annual community awards from the SF Bay Area Alliance was programed as a Brunch on Sunday as a change from last year’s Dinner on Friday evening. A very entertaining Tribute/Roast was held on Friday night after the Meet/Greet. Queen Cougar was this year’s guest of Honor. Heavy on tribute though well balanced with Empress XXX, Donna Sachet’s gift bag of items to help Queen Cougar “be more like her (Donna Sachet)” because many have tried but to little success…


The energy of the weekend was very good as there were 5 outstanding men from the usual Powerhouse Bar and Edge Bar, the soon to open Eagle Tavern, new organization The Legion of Sin MC and¬†independent sponsor Daddy’s Barbar shop.

And the winner of Mr. SF Leather 2013 is……. Mr. Powerhouse Bar, Andy Cross!

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