SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band

The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band performance of Lord of the Rings, Symphony No. 1 by Johan de Meij was standing room only! The Ebanezar Luthern Church had the main floor filled and seating in the balcony was opened to the delight of the band. The love of performance always outweighs the need for a large audience, but it’s really really nice to have an audience outnumber the number of musicians on stage ūüôā The band numbered¬†¬†¬† and wsa under the baton of Dr. Martin Seggelke, candidate for Artistic Director.

I received personal praise for my “low note”.¬† For you musicians out there it was my “A below low C” which is about a 4th or 5th below the comfortable range for my peers in the horn section.¬† Horn player in the audience said praise for the note! This was the perfect piece for me to get my fill of bass notes so I was very pleased with our performance and will look forward to Sunday’s repeat performance. Not all our sets have multiple performances so this was a treat for me. The band usually only does one set per quarter as we need the time to practice and work a set to performace level. Two performances is a perfect way for us to have more performances but not¬†split our rehearsal efforts in half for two programs.

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