Tyler Fong - American Leatherboy 2011

Tyler Fong - American Leatherboy 2011

boy tyler got his first taste of S/M at the Wet Spot in Seattle during a Female-to-Male (FTM) conference! Living in the San Francisco Bay Area provided him with ample opportunity to explore Leather Clubs, contests, fund raisers and build his BDSM skills in the gay men’s community. The Leathermen’s Discussion Group in San Francisco and workshops at contest weekends across the USA have continued to expose him to the vast and varied world of kink, fetish and leather.

He currently serves as Outreach Chair as a Fraternal Member of The 15 Association and loves to hang out with his pack brothers in the SF K9 Unit. If he’s not volunteering at a fund raiser (Folsom Street Fair, Up Your Alley, Mama’s Family…) or contest (International LeatherSir/boy and Community Bootblack, Mr./Ms. Alameda County Leather) he can usually be found with one of his three music performance groups. He is a classically trained musician on the French horn and has concerts throughout the year with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra, Danville Community Band and San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band.

Travel this year will include events both small and large. Tell me what’s going on in your area!