What is a Leatherboy?

There are many definitions and descriptions about Leatherboys so here I bring to light my experiences and my observations. There is no “one right” or “wrong”. Human beings are not clones of each other and neither are nor should Leatherboys be clones of one another. I celebrate the variety of Leatherboys like I celebrate the variety of people I cross paths with each and every day.

I am a Leatherboy for several reasons. One is that I just love leather…the way it smells, the way it looks and how I feel when I’m wearing it! I am attracted to it and it attracts folks to me. The attractions can be one of friendship, family, mentor, erotic or merely just a sense of relief that I know I’m safe in an open minded place and just relax.

My desire to provide service to individuals and the Community at large draw from my Leather heart from within my being of who I am. Leather has allowed me to explore my inner feelings in a more relaxed and accepting environment. In the dungeon it’s about feeding off the energy exchange between me and the Top. Here it is an erotic energy. In the Community, say at a fund raiser it’s about a close family connection. We all have strengths and bring them together to balance the weaknesses we may have in order to have a fun/successful event. The connection that I speak of can be somewhat compared to the connection you might get from a good/inspiring speech or helpful clerk at the store.

I also enjoy history. Leather has a history from origins in the military and gay motorcycle clubs. Protocol is often connected to military protocols. Safe gatherings for gay men came from motorcycle trips to remote locations. The traditions are numerous and may or may not be practiced today. I enjoy the traditions that have remained and am proud that the Leather Community, for the most part is dynamic and ever changing as society has changed. Social media like Facebook and FetLife and Twitter have forever made an impact on how we communicate with each other, but I find one on one, face to face still valid and vital to our survival. Race Bannon has embrassed new technology but still draws men together, face to face.

My travels to events allow me to observe boys in different areas of the USA and beyond. Behaviors and interactions between folk vary and I just love to see this diversity. West coast is different from East coast and neither is “the right way”. Understanding what and who does it a particular way allows me to better understand and appreciate different points of view, different traditions with their modifications and people in general. A well informed decision with a strong base in education is a strong decision which in turn is respected by my peers.

A Leatherboy is always learning, learning, learning. It never ends and will not end as we live in dynamic world. The young, open mind with a desire to continue learning is essential to my personal development.

Age, gender, sexual orientation, race are NOT specific to Leatherboys. These classifications are literally open and do not define the qualities of a Leatherboy. You are more likely to find that a Leatherboy has a particular frame of mind, spirit or heart of a Leatherboy which defines who they are as a Leatherboy. An analogy here would be “What defines a fire fighter?”, is it age, gender, sexual orientation or race? The answer is “No, it does not.”